Our Technology

Our Technology

The Secret is in Our Technology

Innovative technology that is fueled by research is at the heart of what we do at ONCE®. Our scientists actively research the science of light, while our engineers incorporate research into commercial technologies. With 43 awarded patents and 178 patents pending, our proprietary technologies allow us to control all aspects of the environment. Through our research we strive to present species specific technologies that allow animals to start each day with a sunrise and end each day with a sunset.

Learn more on how and why we strive to bring this natural part of life to animals in this video:


Reduce Animal Stress

ONCE® proprietary technology focuses on reducing animal stress by directly influencing physiological and biological processes in the animals. Dim-to-Red® technology for layer and breeder operations provides a natural sunrise and sunset  simulation, reducing stress on your animals. The Dim-to-Red® light spectrum decreases time to peak production by stimulating ovulation via the release of reproduction stimulating hormones. Sunrise and sunset simulation eliminates the stress inputs of switching lights on and off abruptly. This helps reduce overall stress in the flock which lowers mortality and supports immune response.

Learn more about Layer Poultry Lighting.

Products featuring Dim-to-Red® technology:

AgriShift® TLL for Layers:    AgriShift® MLM-R for Layers

Improve Animal Welfare

ONCE® AgriShift® LED fixtures, lighting programs and systems are directed toward minimizing extreme changes in lighting. Abrupt changes are shown to excite animals, which increases cortisol levels and inhibits melatonin secretion - both of which have a negative effect on the well-being of the animal. By offering LED fixtures that present uniform coverage and a consistent light, corticosterone levels and other stress markers are minimized, while animal welfare is improved.

ONCE® innovative swine specific lighting is designed with Dim-to-CalmTM technology, simulating a natural sunrise and sunset. The dimming capability allows our technology to fully dim red, which swine perceive as darkness. This allows the red light to be used as a “service light”, allowing workers to access the facility without disturbing or interrupting the sleep cycles of the animal. 


Featured product using Dim-to-CalmTM technology:

AgriShift® MLM-S for Swine: 

Optimize Performance

Light is a key environmental factor that influences and directs physiological and biological processes in all animals. Raising animals in indoor facilities required specialized lighting systems to achieve optimum results in both production and performance. 

Dim-to-Blue® technology for Broiler, Pullet and Turkey operations allow the light to be adjusted at the right time in a young hen’s growth cycle, meeting the bird’s developmental needs. In the growth stage, combined green and blue light promotes muscular development growth due to more effective stimulation of testosterone secretion. Under Dim-to-Blue® AgriShift® LED lighting, birds are calmer, less prone to flight, notably less aggressive and consequently put more feed energy into just growing. Blue spectrum naturally calms avian. Therefore, by providing lamps that can shift from red content in brood to blue content during grow-out results in maximized performance, minimized stress and aggressive behaviors, and improved general welfare of the bird. 


Featured products using Dim-to-Blue® technology:

AgriShift® MLM-B for Poultry:   AgriShift® MLB for Poultry: 

Durable Build

ONCE® AgriShift® fixtures have Built For Your Barn® designs, using techniques and materials that withstand the harsh barn environment for years to come.

AgriShift® fixtures stand up to:

  • Dirt and dust
  • High-pressure wash-downs
  • Corrosive vapors, including ammonia

This video shows how our lighting fixtures stand up to a high pressure wash-down:



How Animals See, Plays a Part

Because animals see differently, all ONCE® technologies are species specific. For example, the image below shows how colors are perceived by humans (white line) compared to the eye of a typical domestic chicken (black line). By understanding how a particular animal sees differently, we can produce a better quality of light for that particular species.  This ultimately can result in more desirable behaviors and enhanced productivity. Learn more about the science behind How Poultry See.


Agriculture Specific


AgriShift® lighting systems are agriculture specific and developed to meet the individual needs of your animals. The lights “shift” spectrum and intensity. Because animals are sensitive to different intensities and colors of light, performance and health can be improved simply by controlling the lighting. Close attention to lighting schedules and elimination of lighting anomalies have been shown to increase production outputs while reducing stress and negative affects on animals. Easily shift the spectrum with  AgriShift® LED dimmers provide smooth, programmable dimming to enable the full potential of any ONCE® light. 

Featured products:

AgriShift® Master Controller  
AgriShift® Slave Dimmer