Lighting Influence on Productivity


Chicken Pic

Under the Dim-to Blue™ Agrishift® LED lamps, the birds are calmer, less prone to run or jump and consequently put more feed energy into growth.  This also has a positive effect on both ADG and uniformity.  On-farm testing has shown immediate changes in bird behavior, better feed conversion and increased growth when Agrishift® LED lamps with Dim-to Blue™ functionality were used.


egg pic

Once’s Dim-to Red™ Agrishift® LED lamps have shown to enhance egg productivity.  The light shortens the time to peak production, extends the peak production period and stimulates the time of lay.   Put simply, red light increases the amount of eggs laid by a layer.


pig pic

Once Agrishift® MLS swine light provides proper lighting levels that lessen seasonal growth variations, stimulates melatonin production for proper circadian rhythms and produces a calmer animal.  The lighting is also used to boost the swine immune system.

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