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  • Hog Slat features ONCE Dim-to-Blue technology

    When designing a lighting system, an implementation of light spectrum, intensity of light, and photoperiod, are all key characteristics to consider.  A recent Hog Slat blog post featured our color-shifting Dim-to-Blue® technology and explained the unique benefits this advanced lighting system can bring to promoting optimal broiler production. 


    The article explains:

    "What makes AgriShift® Dim-to-Blue® technology uniquely beneficial, is that it is designed to influence and direct certain processes, recreating the best possible environment for your animal. New developments in agriculture lighting can now provide a customized light spectrum, intensity and photoperiod control for broiler environments. The utilization of this advanced LED lighting in broiler facilities can bring performance benefits, resulting in increased broiler production and improved animal welfare."


    Read the full article here: Dim-to-Blue® Lighting for Optimal Broiler Production 

  • ONCE Attends Sandy Creek Lane Open House & Ribbon Cutting

    On Wednesday, April 26th, the Illinois Pork Producers Association hosted an open house at Sandy Creek Lane, LLC in Wenona, IL. A ribbon cutting and pork chop lunch and tour took place to welcome the new 5,600 sow breed to wean facility. The barn features technologies for individual pig care and well-being.  Brian Babb, Photobiology Swine Sales Lead, attended the event with a table top display, featuring ONCE® swine lighting systems


  • We're hiring!

    With our recent expansion into Europe, we are looking to hire an individual to be the Director of Sales in the EU. Read about the position to see if it would be a good fit for you or someone you know. 

    Download full job description: Director of Sales in Europe 2017



    TITLE: Director of Sales, Europe

    Once, Inc. (ONCE) is a privately-held photobiology and optogenetics corporation with a focus on research, development, and marketing of production-enhancing lighting systems for the agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, hatchery, and biosecurity markets. ONCE is headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, USA. ONCE is currently in the process of establishing a European headquarters based in Ireland.

    ONCE is seeking a sales executive who can grow the European customer base and manage existing accounts. This full-time position requires a self-reliant, responsible, highly motivated person able to work both independently and with a team to manage and sell photobiology lighting systems into animal agricultural markets in Europe. Executive must be located in a member state of the European Union.

    Essential Skills & Requirements
    ⦁ Master’s degree in sales or agribusiness management, animal or poultry science, or related curriculum with a minimum of 3 years of field or related experience and significant knowledge of commercial livestock, swine, and poultry live production systems. The company will consider applicants with a lesser degree and extensive agricultural field experience.
    ⦁ Must be fluent in written and spoken English.
    ⦁ Experience as head of sales, developing client-focused, differentiated, and achievable solutions.
    ⦁ Proven ability to drive the sales process from plan to close.
    ⦁ Proven ability to articulate the distinct aspects of products and services.
    ⦁ Proven ability to position products against competitors.
    ⦁ Ability to communicate, present, and influence all levels of the organization, including executive and C-level.
    ⦁ Ability to identify new opportunities and establish contacts with potential and existing customers.
    ⦁ Strong ability to work effectively in a team environment, but also self-motivated and able to work with or without direct supervision.
    ⦁ Outstanding customer service skills, time management skills, and organizational skills.
    ⦁ Excellent ability to prioritize work and multi-task while maintaining a high level of professionalism.
    ⦁ Excellent listening, negotiation, and presentation skills.
    ⦁ Computer proficiency.
    ⦁ Must have valid driver’s license with no driving restrictions.
    ⦁ Frequent international travel is expected.
    ⦁ The physical demands described are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

    ⦁ Prospect, qualify, sell, and close accounts in agricultural, livestock and industrial applications.
    ⦁ Implement metrics and measurements for success of programs, business impact, and analysis.
    ⦁ Determine annual unit and gross-profit plans by implementing marketing strategies and by analyzing trends and results.
    ⦁ Establish sales objectives by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for Europe.
    ⦁ Project expected sales volume and profit for existing and new products.
    ⦁ Implement sales programs in Europe by developing field sales action plans.
    ⦁ Maintain sales volume, product mix, and selling price by keeping current with supply and demand, changing trends, economic indicators, and competitors.
    ⦁ Establish and adjusts selling prices by monitoring costs, competition, and supply and demand.
    ⦁ Maintain EU sales staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
    ⦁ Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, and participating in professional societies.
    ⦁ Participate in technical seminars and trade shows that promote sales and business opportunities.
    ⦁ Manage sales budgets, travel expenses, and promotional budgets for achieving sales numbers, gross margins, and operating income in Europe.
    ⦁ Keep abreast of new developments within the agricultural lighting industry, including sales promotion techniques, economic conditions, application, and changes with competitors and their product lines.
    ⦁ Provide leadership to the day-to-day operations of the ONCE European division, while maintaining focus on the company’s strategic goals.
    ⦁ Assist the R&D team with new product ideas based on customer needs.
    ⦁ Maintain close contact with internal operations and customer service to ensure promptness of order processing and delivery of product.

    Interested applicants who fit the job criteria should submit resume, cover letter, and salary expectations to

  • ONCE swine specific lighting featured in National Hog Farmer


    ONCE lighting is more than energy savings! National Hog Farmer featured ONCE  swine specific lighting systems in their article Dim-to-calm pig lighting. The article sums up the benefits of implementing an animal-centric lighting system,

    "While all LED lights will achieve this expected energy savings, Once Inc. offers their AgriShift Dim-to-Calm system specifically designed for use in swine facilities....AgriShift Dim-to-Calm LED technology provides producers a method to automatically control light intensity, color spectrum and photoperiod length for swine-specific lighting."

    Additionally the article notes how controlling a lighting system can help reduce stress caused by sudden changes in light. 

    Read the entire article here: Dim-to-calm pig lighting




  • MPF & VIV Trade one week!

    The week of March 13 was a busy one for us at ONCE® as we took part in two trade shows spanning in locations from Thailand, to our home state, Minnesota!  We had a booth at VIV Asia in Bangkok for the first time, and at the Midwest Poultry Federation Convention in Saint Paul. Get a glimpse of our trade show-filled week and to learn a little about the shows...



    VIV Asia hosts 900 exhibitors for all around the world. The scope of the show includes producers of swine, poultry, eggs, fish, and dairy, with suppliers from all segments of the feed to food chain. The show focuses on featuring global market leaders, regional, as well as national Asian players of growing importance. 


    Midwest Poultry Federation (MPF) Convention is the largest regional poultry show in the U.S. Participants include all segments of the poultry industry, including layers, broilers, turkey and organic/specialty poultry production. MPF is a nonprofit organization and all generated revenue from the convention goes to support poultry programs and their members. 



    VIV Asia  





    Our mini photo-biology lighting displays are always a hit (pictured above). 








    If you were at IPPE you may have recognized our "lego barn". We assembled this again at MPF, but it was configured a little differently!  



    In addition to the AgriShift TLUS®, we also featured our new AgriShift MLST®- a stringer specifically designed for any ONCE® ML fixture (pictured above).



    We featured our BioShift® UVC Germicidal Chamber at MPF, which  is designed to kill viruses in a 300-second sterilization process (pictured above). 



    Thanks for following along on our trade show filled week. We hope to see you next year either at VIV Europe or MPF!



  • IPPE 2017

    January 31-February 2, 2017, our team took part in IPPE, an expo hailed as the largest annual trade show for the poultry, meat and feed industries, in Atlanta, Georgia.


    Here's a recap of the expo and a look inside our lego-like booth...


    The journey of a trade show starts months ahead of the actual event with thinking about what the booth should look alike. Our brainstorming led us to try something new and build an entire booth out of Everblock plastic, modular blocks (shown below). 




    After experimenting with building the booth different ways in our warehouse, we were happy with the finished product, complete with benches, a conference room, a TV for viewing a promotional video, demonstrations of our facility lighting and mini barn lighting displays.



    IMG_0363 (1)

    IMG_0358 (1)


    The mini barn lighting demonstrations were a hit! They even featured miniature chickens and eggs!





    After a great  week at International Production & Processing Expo , our team is ready for a well deserved nap!


    IMG_0401 (2)


    ONCE Owner and CEO, Zdenko Grajcar did an interview with Poultry Times, which you can watch on their Facebook Page.



    Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth! See you next year at IPPE! 

  • Watch our new introductory video that premiered at IPPE!

    At ONCE every single day beings with a sunrise and ends with a sunset. Learn how and why we strive to bring this natural part of life to animals in our new company introductory video that we premiered at IPPE. Watch it here:


  • PRESS RELEASE: New Lighting Product Improves Animal Welfare

    Once Logo



    For more information contact:

    Tanya Streifel


    New Lighting Product Improves Animal Welfare


    PLYMOUTH, MN (January 27, 2017) – ONCE, Inc. (ONCE®), an innovative animal-centric lighting company, will feature their newest lighting fixture designed to improve animal welfare at the 2017 International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of this month. Their brand new AgriShift® HL-UVA focuses on improving animal recognition and feeding cues through detection of ultraviolet spectrum wavelengths.


    The AgriShift® HL-UVA is a 3 Watt LED designed around the ecological importance that UV perception plays in the signaling of avian species. Poultry show a preference for artificial lighting environments with supplemental UVA. The implementation of UVA and AgriShift® technology enables recognition and feeding cues, which will help enhance production, lower mortality and boost overall immune response.

    "The fundamental mission behind our AgriShift® HL-UVA is to improve the welfare of your animal by providing an environmental stimulation that fits their needs," explains Jim Sulciner, President of ONCE®. "We could not think of a more opportune time to share the new product then at IPPE, surrounded by poultry industry leaders, researchers, and growers."


    The science behind the AgriShift® HL-UVA to utilize ultraviolet spectrum wavelengths, differentiates itself from any other agricultural facility lighting option on the market. To see a demonstration of the AgriShift® HL-UVA and learn how its implementation in poultry facilities can enhance animal welfare, stop by the ONCE® booth at IPPE located in hall C, space 2711.


    About ONCE
    ONCE® is a technology company applying animal-centric innovations in photo-biology and optogenetics to agricultural lighting, biosecurity and hatchery markets to enhance performance and improve welfare. ONCE® agricultural lamps are used in over 18 countries nationwide, including the world’s largest makers of open community chicken, layer and swine housings. Founded in 2009, the Minnesota-based company is led by lighting industry veteran Zdenko Grajcar. For more information, please visit


  • PRESS RELEASE: Circadian Eggs—An IPPE TECHTalk You Will Want to Attend

    Once Logo




    For more information contact:

    Tanya Streifel



    Circadian Eggs—An IPPE TECHTalk You Will Want to Attend


    PLYMOUTH, MN (January 12, 2017) – On Tuesday, January 31st at IPPE, ONCE Inc. (ONCE®) CEO, Zdenko Grajcar, will present on the benefits of optimized poultry lighting and how lighting entrains the circadian clocks in your animals.  As founder of the only photo-biology agricultural lighting company in the world, Grajcar has an established background in illumination science and as an avid researcher in light's effect on animals.


    There are three primary aspects of poultry lighting that Grajcar will be highlighting throughout his presentation. Optimizing these aspects in research studies and in production facilities has underscored the importance of the circadian clock in improving animals’ health and well-being.


    There is still room for improvement when it comes educating others on the significance of animal-centric lighting in the agricultural industry. “It is well-known that animals see light differently than humans,” describes Grajcar, “but there is a lot that people do not know, like how a molecular clock and rhythmic hormone release in poultry can help stimulate natural internal cycles, such as bone formation and sexual maturation. That is why a regular circadian clock is important. We create an environment for animals that cater to what they need,” he says.  “Our science stimulates reproduction in a cost-effective way.” 


    ONCE® is a revolutionary photo-biology Minnesota-based company working in a niche market to bring animal welfare options through facility lighting.               


    To hear from ONCE® founder and CEO on his industry leading research, come to his presentation at IPPE on January 31st at 11:00am in C1305, or stop by the ONCE IPPE booth, in hall C, space 2711 where many of their animal-centric lights will be on display.


    About ONCE


    ONCE® is a technology company applying animal-centric innovations in photo-biology and optogenetics to agricultural lighting, biosecurity and hatchery markets to enhance performance and improve welfare.  ONCE® agricultural lamps are used in over 18 countries nationwide, including the world’s largest makers of open community chicken, layer and swine housings.  Founded in 2009, the Minnesota-based company is led by lighting industry veteran Zdenko Grajcar. For more information, please visit



  • Watch our new promotional video!

    In the beginning all living creatures experienced a daily sunrise and sunset. At Once, Inc. we understand that raising animals indoors requires specialized lighting systems to achieve optimum results in both production and animal welfare. To learn more, view our new promotional video, "Does your barn lighting do that?" here: 


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